Pro-Strobe Twitter Troll Apologizes After Reflecting on Behavior

Recently, a new Twitter account emerged seemingly out of nowhere dedicated to promoting strobe lights at DIY music concerts and eventually evolved to general trolling online.

Although the author of the account insists their efforts were aimed at no one in particular, we can’t help but notice that the timing coincides with the highly anticipated upcoming DIY fest, Strobeless, brought to you by L.E.A.D. DIY. L.E.A.D. DIY is an organization who aims “to be a resource for people who have epilepsy & other sensory sensitivities, people who are attending shows, and artists & staff involved with the shows’ production.” We at Star Wars Guys think they rock.

We caught up with @dontruinshows to find out just why they are so against being anti-strobes, and they’ve provided us with this exclusive statement:

“I just want to apologize to anyone whose feelings I’ve hurt and anyone I may have trolled on After taking some time to reflect on my behavior and re-reading my tweets, I realized a lot of these feelings I have are drastically misdirected. I’m going to work to sort through this and see if I can gain some new self awareness and growth from this experience. I already feel a lot better after talking it out with [Star Wars Guys affiliate]. I think making shows safer is a great cause and I apologize for my statements saying otherwise.”

The highly anticipated Strobeless Fest will take place on July 13th in Allendale, NJ, and you can snag tickets HERE

Check out the line up!


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