Lilith a band is sponsoring a paid post to promote their new song

Ladies and gentlemen it’s true the story is here: we now accept money for posting content to our site. There have been other websites and blogs who use this business but up until this point we at SWG haven’t felt the need to engage in this type of frankly Business forward action.

All that has changed now so here you have it, we’re proud to announce a partnership with the legendary Local band Lilith and they’re here with a new track and also they’re on a new record Label!

We did an exclusive interview with them if you want:

(FRIDAY JUNE 14, 2019) –– One of the best kept secrets of fuzzy and impactful indie rock over the last couple years is none other than Boston’s Lilith. Having already released two standalone singles (Stereogum brilliantly called the band’s outputs confident and catchy and a little defiant”), Lilith is finally releasing their full-length debut Safer Off on August 9.

Safer Off is currently available to pre-order from Take This To Heart Records:

“I think the record is mostly about redefining a concept of strength,” vocalist Hannah Liuzzo explains. “Strength isn’t quietly enduring abuse, instead it’s knowing what you deserve and advocating for it.”

Lilith’s unwavering message of empowerment in the face of “the evil that [we] know” is delivered in full force on “C.O.Y.F.,” the new song released today from Safer Off. Liuzzo’s method here is almost sarcastic while simultaneously realizing she herself has fallen victim for the last time to her pigeon-hearted subject’s inability to commit.

I want to take this opportunity to also share some new releases coming up the pipeline here at our HQ that are being released today as well. Relevant. All of these artists shared these new songs today and are equally as important because everyone deserves a chance:

The record is available on exclusive blue colors for VINYL and TAPES for the collector heads out there and that’s only through Disposable America and they have been continuing to support Lilith for their Earlier releases also available in this link.

We’re also now accepting applications as we continue to expand and evolve and this time it’s for a position of MUSIC editor for Starwarsguys. Send us an application with your CV and stats to and as always please remember to SOUND OFF BELOW!!!

edit: we will do anything to generate more green energy at the SWG HQ, so if you are also a struggling independent band in need of exposure and have access to a PAYpal account, please email because the sky is the limit when it comes to these articles for your promotion and experience!

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