Salami Review Season

Hi folks it’s your captain at the helm and it’s Stu that’s right I’m BACK!

Haven’t posted in a while, been working on some dynamic movement therapy and doing a lot of work on that currently.  Wondering when it will all pay off but honestly at the moment that’s not the thing we’re talking about.

The leaves are changing and currently it’s turning into the one and only SALAMI SEASON, so that mean’s it’s time for another round up of my favorite salami review videos.  Check them out below, think about the way they smell:

Steve’s reviews always does a good job out of South Carolina.  He describes the salami and tastes it of course!

Here’s the next one from an actually nice guy I like to listen to.  He’s passionate about his pizza, and this one has salami.  Though it’s not a strict salami review I added it on here to support my friend.


These guys are just hilarious and are best friends.  Jealous


This is a little bit different but I put it in here because it’s a comment on sandwiches.


That’s all for now please remember to SOUND OFF BELOW my followers!



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