New Contributor Blake Rondeau New Quiz

Hi greetings, I’m Blake Rondeau the newest contributor here at  I work for WEMF radio and also PA’s lounge in Somerville.  Over the coming weeks I’ll be here recruiting acts for a matinee on April 20th at PA’s.

I recently created an online quiz featuring some of the bands I’m in talks with for the event.  Please take the quiz and see which local band you’re most like.  Again, be excited to see some of these bands at the event on April 20th at PA’s lounge in Somerville.

Blake Rondeau
Wemf radio
Pa’s lounge
Womens rights activist


Which Allston DIY Personality Are You?


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  1. I got frank hurricane. Laugh out loud to funny

  2. I got Guy Fieri! Gotta love it!

  3. Did anyone get count dooku? Stu did you get count dooku?

  4. Does anyone know what Stu got? I’d like to know

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