Introducing New Boobz

Hello readers,

Sharon again. Right Back Atcha Broadcating Media & Production Company’s Aritst Representation branch is proud to announce our first client, New Boobz.

New Boobz is an R&B duo based out of the US who focus on complicated issues like relationships, sexuality, and up and coming trends.

Their entire project is based from their bed. All their songs are written, recorded, mixed, mastered, and released from their bed.

Join us in welcoming them to the roster!

All booking and inquiries can be directed to

Looking forward to expanding the New Boobz brand

Sharon Millweather
Right Back Atcha
Broadcasting & Media Production Company
Boston, MA


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  1. hi sarah dookufan here, i believe we’ve already been introduced in the other post welcome aboard the falcon lol anyways I think introducing music to this site is a real out of this world, I guess you could say far far away haha I would also like to submit some favorite tunes, here is one I like to listen to called count dookus theme it’s really good check it out maybe you can make a whole new post about it. I think stu would like it.

  2. Haha, thank you! We’re trying to keep this related to artists only but we love your enthusiasm!

  3. I think I understand but I’m not sure

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