Review: VANyaland reviews the LONELY ISLAND

In a world of goofs gags and gaffs, the staff are back at it once again with a slammed review of the original jokers themselves, yes, the LONELY ISLAND is a comedy crew from New York.

Favorite quote is the last paragraph:

In an age where the meme turnover is head-spinning, The Lonely Island are a group spouting everlasting millennial humor. The sooner everyone acknowledges that, the sooner we can boost these bros to TD Garden and never have to look another TikTok compilation ever again.

vanyaland article about the LONELY ISLAND

I skimmed the article while in line at the new acupuncturist who specializes in new and untested techniques, some real true yoga companionship. I wrote my review of this article in haste and I will revise it on my own terms.

Stu here from SWG we give the article a solid yes review!

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