Burgerking Rant, #BrendanJohnsonWeek, @BostonFrick

Hi guys, quick update on the Burgerking situation, got a new video for you.  Sincerest apologies for cutting it short, I’m pretty stressed with the Brendan Johnson situation, and I’ve been being harassed all day by Anthony Lemieux (@BostonFrick).  Unfortunately, he’s been engaging in homophobic and anti-Semitic comments aimed at my friend Chaimes.  It’s really hard to deal with hate speech, so I got a little flustered in my Burgerking rant sorry guys.  Here’s a little of what Anthony has been saying.  Please reach out to him on twitter if you have a minute and show him some love and positive vibes, if we all work together we can crush his hate-filled, bigotry spewing heart, and he can ascend to the next level of consciousness:


Even a true piece of dirt lowlife hate filled coward like Anthony Lemieux (@BostonFrick) is loved by Gaia and the oneness that is life and all the stardust.

Please try to understand his hate filled heart, hear where he’s coming from, and keep that in mind as I fumble through my latest Burgerking rant:

Again, please contact Anthony via twitter (@BostonFrick) and show him some pure, unbounded love.  Much respect, Sound off below!!!


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  1. I just wanted to state that I, Anthony Lemieux, a Professional Plasterer and Painter of Walpole “Taxachusetts” submit that Brendan Johnson has done nothing wrong and committed no crime. While it’s true that I am a passionate bigot and a racist, it is not true that I am a homophobe. I have been unfairly characterized by blogger Stu Lesbeau as a “homophobe” when in fact I love yummy dongs, especially the yummy dong belonging to Alex Rodriguez AKA A-Rod. i frequently update my facebook status with “I sure could sure a-yummy-rod in my mouth right now, yummy yumm a-rod.” I’ve hosted many dongs in my body, (no blacks, jews, moslims plz) and can not stand being labeled homophobe. Please if you’re going to call me a homophobe, I’m going to use my homophone to bring some serious pain and hertz.

  2. I’m a little upset with the quality of this Burger King update. Perhaps you could link me to another news source with current, detailed coverage on the matter? Thanks!

  3. Brendan Johnson is the COOLEST guy I know. That jew homo had it coming for sure.
    Plowing is serious business.

    It’s cool to be a blue collar guy from Walpole.

    I wonder if BJ spent time as an undercover fag in his hometown prison?

    Keep up the good work, Brobible.
    Starwars guys can suck it.

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