Final Thoughts on Brendan Johnson and Plowpocalypse

The following article is a response to our previous post about the Brendan Johnson Plow saga, found here.

It boils down to this:  Brendan Johnson should have had Chaimes Parker’s car towed.  Simple as that.  That would have been the correct, lawful, and decent response.  If what Brendan says is true, and he did ask Chaimes multiple times to move his car, and if it’s true that Chaimes ignored the request and kept his car parked there, the Brendan should have called the tow company that services the complex and had the car towed.

Instead, Brendan responded with mean spirited, viral video baiting.  It’s not the first time he’s engaged in acts like this, and surely it won’t be the last.  Remember when 18 year old Brendan and his cronies flung eggs at innocent women and children?  People grow and change, and there’s no reason to suspect that Brendan hasn’t matured since then.  But, let’s not forget this incident as a reference point to judge his character.

Another takeaway from Plowpocalypse is the outing of racist/homophobic/anti-Semitic folks including, but not limited to, Anthony Lemieux and Brendan Keating.  There’s not much to editorialize, so I’ll just post a couple of images below:





To me, there’s nothing more vile and disgusting than the complete lack of respect and reverence for humanity that these folks have perpetrated.  I’m honestly shocked, saddened, and stunned that people are so quick to spew this hate publicly, and without remorse.


If any of the aforementioned parties would like to comment or defend themselves, please email

I’m happy to hear the side of the accused, but if everyone’s cool with it, SWG is going to move along from #BrendanJohnsonWeek, as we believe Justice has been served.


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  1. I’m Anthony Lemieux, and I would like to say that aside from being a little piss piglet, I am utterly unhirable. I’ll skip work just to go to the parade, any parade, it doesn’t matter, I love a parade. I hate children, and my hateful comments retard my progression as an adult. I show up to work drunk (hungover) and endanger the lives of others simply by existing. Obliterate my shallow meaningless existence (and my anoose ;). I’m Anthony Lemieux and my favorite movie is 8 Crazy Nights, because I hate myself and project that hate onto others. Hi, I’m Anthony Lemieux AKA Shrimp Dick Dude, my rage is fueled by acorn sized wiener. Hi, I’m Anthony Lemieux and I take advantage of the elderly, because they cannot defend themselves, it’s true what they’ve said, I’m a coward with an acorn on my pelvis, murder my balls. I’m Anthony Lemieux, endorse me on LinkedIn.

  2. On a real note, I can understand friends coming to defend the side they think is right, but all the rascist shit is completely unnecessary. I don’t understand where it comes from. What does calling someone a Jew and posting rascist memes do for you? Especially on public forums with your real names attached? Anyways everyone needs to smoke some weed and fucking move on. This winter was brutal enough, much worse when everyone’s acting like assholes.

  3. hey shithead that egg story is a different Brendan Johnson check some sources for once in your fucking life you slob

  4. that was a terrible description of my life pal…. I would slap you in the face with my elephant trunk if I had the chance

  5. And chaimes is a Jew and should have moved his car and stu is a nerd

  6. Chaimes parents sucked at raising him March 10, 2015 at 7:14 pm

    Chaimes you’re a fucking pussy and all your friends are losers. Go take part in occupy Boston because you don’t have jobs. Hey chaimes (hippy boy) grab a shovel you fucking degenerate

  7. Chances are he probably couldn’t wait to have a tow truck come. If you’ve ever done snow removal which I’m assuming you haven’t you would know you can’t spend too much time at one account. He probably had others to attend so he couldn’t wait around for however long the plow truck would take to tow the car. It comes down to this: why shouldn’t chaimes be responsible for his actions especially when everyone else in the buildings surrounding his had to vacate the area? What makes him above anyone else even the alleged “bully” who now has an obstacle in his path of plowing which sets him behind schedule in his job? If anyone is the victim it is the plow guy just trying to do his job, who had to deal with that bullshit. This all could have been avoided had chaimes heeded the warning that was given to him.

  8. And also adding to my previous comment why the fuck do people waste their time name calling and pulling racist bullshit into a topic when it does absolutely fucking nothing for either person. It makes you look like a scum dumbfuck.

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