Compilation Video of Crimes Committed by Brendan Johnson and Friends

The following video documents 8 of the most likely hundreds of crimes committed by Brendan Johnson and his cronies over 4 years.  He compressed the video into 5 minutes.  Please tell me if you see any other illegal activity that I haven’t noticed:


  1. Broken window using hockey-style move
  2. Assault with a beer can/bodily harm
  3. Intimidation with a weapon (paintball gun)
  4. Broken window using a golf ball (hit by golf club)
  5. Illegal swimming in a drinking water reservoir
  6. Drinking in public (open container)
  7. Trespassing (climbing roof)
  8. DUI (on jet ski)

I’m in the process of trying to lawyer up and contact the authorities.  If anyone can help, please Sound off below!!

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  1. HAHA good one stu – Lets take these bullies down!

    Bostonfrick aka kyle – You’re next…

  2. You know that if he broke his own window and climbed on to his own roof then thats not illegal, right?

  3. Hey stu, thats also not a drinking water resevoir. So before you start accusibg people of false crimes they did not commit you should do some more research. None of those charges would hold up in court. You really need to find something else to put all your time and effort in.

    • wow thanks for the insight! So you were there at the reservoir? Would you be interested in doin an interview with me? if you are!! Thanks

      • Were you there at the reservoir or were you with them jet skiing?? How do you know they were drunk did you breathalyze them? There is nothing in this video that supports the idea of him being a bully. If he was bullying his friends with a paintball gun, why wouldn’t they just move out of the apartment? I wouldn’t consider him a bully whatsoever, maybe an idiot who I wouldn’t rent my house out to. If anyone is the bully it is everyone supporting the slander of this guy’s name and reputation without solid evidence of him actually doing anything criminal in nature. The guy who’s car is stuck probably should have adhered to the warnings he recieved and should’ve acknowledged the parking ban during snow storms in the city, which is considered common knowledge. Any plow guy would have done the same thing because anyone who leaves their car in the way is hindering their job and deserves the consequences that come with that.

  4. one time Brendan stripped me to my bare skin, lathered me up in mayonnaise and locked me in a pen with 3 hungry Komodo dragons…they were in heat and well you know the rest. I haven’t slept in 3 years bc of my pain. #brendanjohnsonweek

  5. I just wanted to state that I, Anthony Lemieux, a Professional Plasterer and Painter of Walpole “Taxachusetts” submit that Brendan Johnson has done nothing wrong and committed no crime. While it’s true that I am a passionate bigot and a racist, it is not true that I am a homophobe. I have been unfairly characterized by blogger Stu Lesbeau as a “homophobe” when in fact I love yummy dongs, especially the yummy dong belonging to Alex Rodriguez AKA A-Rod. i frequently update my facebook status with “I sure could sure a-yummy-rod in my mouth right now, yummy yumm a-rod.” I’ve hosted many dongs in my body, (no blacks, jews, moslims plz) and can not stand being labeled homophobe. Please if you’re going to call me a homophobe, I’m going to use my homophone to bring some serious pain and hertz.

  6. Professional Plower from such a life of entitlement, what went wrong? March 10, 2015 at 5:06 am

    I think the phrase goes as follows:

    plow me once, shame on you, BRENDY
    plow me twice, Chaimes on me

  7. this is gay……fuckn nerds need a life….clearly this kid is guilty of living life and some fuckn nerds r mad that he probably stole their girlfriend or pissed in their cereal…..smh cowards

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  9. Compilation Video of Crimes Committed by Brendan Johnson and Friends |

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