All new post featuring a local rap artist

Hi guys, sorry for the delay.  I have a lot of great posts and items to share with you in the coming hours and weeks but for now I’d like to entice you with something new.

Rap was created last century as a way for people to express themselves through music and yelling and expression.  I had a rap artist over by SWG headquarters.  It’s not for me but I want to share it with my viewers to expand your horizon.

You can find the interview at this youtube rap video link but I’ll also post the interview below for your pleasure:

hi guys Stu here, doing an interview with a rapper so I’ll post what they’re saying here below: “it’s a dangerous place” “it’s a dangerous place” “this house is not safe this house is a trap” “what the —- was that and that?” “was that a raccoon? was that a squirrel? nah dude that’s your mom she my girl” (crowd goes wild) “yo what the —- are you kidding me man?” “thought it wasn’t like that thought we were frAnds” (second person) “cut the shit i’ve had enough cut this diamond and put it in your butt” “i don’t want to be engaged.” “(to a man like you with problems and rage)” “nu uh no way no uh uh uh” “NOT ME NO WAY NU UH” thanks so much for reading to my followers. if you’re not on my page already please do not leave a comment, this is intended only for fans of thank you and please remember to SOUND OFF BELOW!

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