What interests me? An interview

Hi guys it’s again me Stu!  I know I haven’t done a big update in quite some time but don’t worry I’ll be back with a lot more Burger King content and other things that are related to my old posts.  For now I’m here in the SWG headquarters with an old friend that I recently met again and here it is an interview! :

(we did it on an email so there may be a discrepancy)

STU: Wow hi it’s great to see you again!

Lesli: Hi Stu it’s grate to be here!

STU: What’s your favorite thing to eat after a long day?

Lesli: Hm.. I feel like celery.  Just celery! 🙂  Some people like to put pB and raisins but I like it just the way it is, most people don’t know that it’s mostly just water!

STU: Wow!  It’s great to have you here again.  What is your favorite thing to do after a long day?

Lesli: Hm.. I like to do a good foot bath.Brazilian-Beauty-USA-Eliana-Santos-Las-Vegas-Ionic-Detox-Foot-Bath

STU: That’s interesting, I once heard that it’s good for your overall wellbeing when you do a foot bath is that true?

Lesli: Well Stu, I can’t speak on that.  It just feels really good.

STU: It was great to see you, I’ll talk to you later!



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  1. Hey Guys,
    Glad you’re back but I was hoping 2017 would be the year you turn over a new leaf and start posting more stars wars stuff especially count dooku stuff who is my favorite. I think he was misunderstood and not really a bad guy lots of people don’t agree with me but hey i’m not gonna be upset about it cuz I think poeple can have differnt opinions on count dooku. Keep up the good work.

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