This is a big story.  Huge. exclusive content, and I can barely believe my eyes.  Let me explain:  I went antique shopping today at my local antique shop to find some deals and steals, I’m trying to update the stuff at SWG headquarters so I needed to go out and get some new stuff.  While I was there, I ran into my friend Chaimes Parker.  He had quite the story to tell me.

He stepped out of his shop in the afternoon after one of the massive Boston Snow Storms to a huge surprise: his car had been plowed in and completely covered, with a snow bank 6 feet high and 20 feet long.  He was confused!  He didn’t understand why someone would do this to him or why the plow guys didn’t see that his car was there.  It didn’t make any sense to him.  That is, until he found this article on Men’s Rights site brobible:


The setting looked all too familiar: in fact, it was the alley his car was plowed into!  So upon further digging, he found out that local BroBible enthusiast Brendan Johnson was behind the extreme bullying case.  Shocked an confused, Chaimes watched the following video which documents Johnson’s hate crime:

We were so shocked and awed over here at SWG headquarters, we couldn’t believe it!!  Especially after seeing that the video has gone viral and has over 80,000 views!  It makes you wonder who watches the trash content made by local bully and chauvinist/Redsocks fan  Brendan Johnson.  But there you have it.

So, I decided to interview Chaimes about the incident so you can see the poor disposition of the guy and feel some sympathy.  It’s a classic jock/nerd, David/Goliath, jerk/good guy scenario.  Check out the interview below:

Guys, I still can’t believe what I’m seeing.  Needless to say, we’re pretty fired up about it over here at SWG headquarters.  That’s why we’re rolling out a special version of the site this week: #brendanjohnsonweek.  Stories about the bully, trying to get to the bottom of it, see who the guy is.  I need the help from the community.  If you have stories of bullying from Brendan Johnson please forward them along to and I promise I’ll get it up on the site.  This is a big one guys.  Let’s help out Chaimes and stop bullying.  Sound off below with your thoughts!!


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  1. If u want Brendan video u can c that the guy was asked multiple times to move his car. Spend your time and money on hearing aids

  2. Or you could have grabbed a shovel and actually helped him.

  3. yourababygrabashovel March 8, 2015 at 11:21 pm

    that was a cool video you posted, starring two grown men whining. theres parking bans for a reason, so people can do there jobs. your a baby, grab a shovel.

  4. There is no substitute for common sense…if you where asked to move your car multiple times and you didn’t, you should be lucky it didn’t get towed. As for the article I reprct the fact that your looking out for the little guys but for the love of God calling someone childish and such while writing this article is pointless. If you wish to vent, get a diary princess.

  5. Hey guys, thanks so much for your insights, we really value them here. I’d ask if you could keep the comment section clear of hate speech, but it’s your right to do so if you please, this is an open community!

    As far as the comments about him being asked to move his car: in fact Brendan was lying about asking him to move, according to Chaimes. It’s one word against the other, who’s side are you on? Sound off below!!

  6. I’m on the side of the little guys!

  7. Im a tenant down there and we were all asked not to park in the ally. This guy was being an idiot.

  8. stu, how could you know for a “Fact” he was not told to park their ? Seems like the bulling might be coming from you.

  9. “Dirty laundry,” fair enough! Point taken. I guess it’s hard to tell who’s to blame with this situation. Keep checking back, I’ll have more updates and a full investigative report to follow!!

  10. Hey stu… you know how much of a loser you are

    • Make my butt pregnant, my anoose is ready, I’m Anthony Lemieux. I’m Anthony Lemieux, one of many, who is ready to serve his master, I’m your piss piglet, your one and only, Brendan Johnson won’t sow his seed, I knead yours, please feed me, my anoose is hungry. I’m Anthony Lemieux, plasterer, auteur, gimmie cummies daddy. I’m Anthony Lemieux and I want cummies. I’m Anthony Lemieux pisss in my holes. I’m Anthony Lemieux, seed my anoose. I’m Anthony Lemieux poz my neg ass. I’m Anthony Lemieux and I sleep on/off the job. I’m Anthony Lemieux I steal from the elderly, because it’s easy, because I need seed sown, in my anoose. My addiction fuels me, gimmie cummies. I’m Anthony Lemieux, gimmie cummies squishy.

  11. Waaaaaaait a second stu, you’re going to be down there conducting interviews? I’m going to pull a sneak attack on both you and that homo chaimes. The fucking retard was asked multiple times to move his car and that’s what the Jew gets

    • Kyle, if you’d like to meet us down there, please let me know when a good time for an interview would be! I’d love to get your opinion on the matter. Please email and I’ll be in touch!!

      Again, please refrain from hate speech on the comments section, but at the same time feel free to use free speech!!

    • Principal Imbusch March 9, 2015 at 10:09 pm

      Shouldn’t you be in jail?

  12. No you’re a loser I wouldn’t waste my time with you. Your website is a joke. How does chaimes dick taste? Stop trying to sound like darth vador in your video too you fucking homo

    • Fair enough Kyle! Keep checking back in the coming days for some more Brendan Johnson bombshells, and I’ll see you in the comments section. Cheers!

      • More Brendan Johnson bombshells? This sounds like you’re taking over the bullying position my friend. Maybe its best to let it all go. With that much snow on the ground, everyone gets a little frustrated. I would also be very careful yourself about not ending up in a defamation lawsuit. Putting someone else’s reputation on the line because you want to boost your blog is pretty small minded. Be a bigger man next time, grab a shovel, and move on! Don’t feed the fire.

  13. I’m
    Hoping his car is still snowed in there… Going down there and shoveling more snow on his shitty car. Stupid Jew

  14. Stu, bro, your out of your league son. Me bren dog and Kyle are fed up with your Jew shit. Me and the boys are comin down there and your gunna get the 1234. Know what I mean bro? Don’t believe me?? Here’s my boys right here. This is what real bros look like unlike you weak little Jew boys. Welcome to boston bitches.

  15. kyle,

    I find your comments extremely offensive. How about rather than shoveling more snow on his car you help him shovel it out? You, just like Brendan Johnson, are classless, immature bullies that have nothing better to do than hinder the daily lives of others. Brendan Johnson should never have plowed his car in like that.. can you imagine not having your car for the past month because someone decided to bully you and then make a video about it? You’re a jerk and guarantee you’re only calling everyone gay because you can’t get laid yourself.

    Stu, when will you be there conducting interviews? I would like to see Kyle come down there and “pull a sneak attack”. I will be there Kyle and hope to see you there. You disgust me.

    • It’s interesting, I’m not sure why Anthony Lemieux is using the pseudonym Kyle, maybe he is just using some kind of persona? He was saying some mean things to me earlier on twitter, but I definitely respect people’s right to free speech!]

    • Darthvader 12 time to grow up buddy, stop stroking your tiny little penis to the Star Wars theme song. Your a terrible person and most likely smell like a bag of shit. You are a fucking fat fucking homo retard.

  16. Kyle good night the other night btw so sick

  17. Ps Star Wars was made by George JEW-cas ! Lol Am I right bro?! You made that joke I’m still laughing I keep spilling my bud light

  18. hey guys. Big fan of your website. I agree Brendan johnson is a bully! He needs to be stopped. Back in high school where me an the bully (Brendan johnson) had played football together, he thought it was a great idea to play a joke on me just like poor chaise. He thought it was funny to grab my jock strap an soak it in ghost pepper juices…I don’t want to get into the nitty gritty but as you may know it was not a very comfortable game for i an I still have an issue with my bird. Needless to say this bully needs to be put to a stop !! #teamchaise also this tony danza looking character is also a bully. I don’t want to waste anyone time with his jazz but want to talk about Giants boobs well he is the biggest around suck a brick Tony danza.

  19. #teamchaimes

  20. Hey guys the name joe…joe lee. Brendan Johnson use to be my neighbor, you wanna talk about a bully….you guys don’t know the half of it, this man here should be thrown in jail to what he has done to me an neighbors lighting woods on fire digging 10 ft holes in his back yard an covering the hole up with stick an leaves so people fall in. Throwing eggs riding moto bikes up an down the street .he is a complete nuisance. He needs to be stopped asap! #teamchaimes hell no we won’t go the Star Wars boys are here to stop bullying once an for all!

  21. i guess if filming yourself plowing into another mans rear while he isn’t looking is your thing… at least it could be consensual, BRENDAN, you sassy lil plowboy, you! #PlowPride #minorerection #BrendanPlowsHard

  22. 16179387074

  23. Don’t be shy big boy that’s my number by the way. If your looking for a little extra “plow” work

  24. Darth vador…. You think I give a fuck if my comments are offensive you fucking pussy

    • Wow you are really great with comebacks huh. Calling everyone stupid jews and pussies? My mother is jewish which makes me half jewish do you have a problem with that? Big tough guy hiding behind your fake screen name you fat slob.

      Stu Great job outing this racist pig on twitter. Why don’t you come down to the ally this week with your boys and you’ll meet your match – the Star Wars Guys.

      Oh and brendan why dont you meet us down there as well and we will get to the bottom off all of this you fucking bully.

      Never been this mad before in my life #TeamChaimes

      • Hey darth,
        It’s ok if I call you darth right? I’m more than positive if you set up a time and a place, after normal working hours because us “non-starwarsguys” have jobs and don’t live in mamas basement and beat off to a stuffed yoda doll all day, I’m sure than brendan and his “boys” will meet you down there. I think you should bring a few light sabers because you will need all the help you can get. One rule though, no storm troopers because that would just be cheating. Just get back to me with a time and place and we can accommodate!!

        may the force be with you,
        Tommy 2 Times

  25. It wouldn’t happen to me because I wouldn’t be Jew fuck and not listen to someone when asked multiple times to move my car.

  26. He deserves not to have his car for another month or he could stop being a pussy and call his friends to help him shovel. Oh that’s right he’s a cheap Jew and won’t pay anyone

  27. Anyone who defends these softies stu and chaimes you literally play soggy cookie together. Chaimes has a sweet nose ring. Where can I get one of those ?

  28. If this is the joe lee we all know…. You should be in jail for having a pancake stomach

  29. Listen tony danza. Why don’t you pound sand. I actually lost a lot of weight if your that concerned. An look whose talking why don’t you go grill up some more burgers you fat slob. an leave us alone #tonydanzalookinmuthafucka

  30. Thanks for the comparison I agree with you on tony danza but if being 6’3 225 is fat then you have serious issues… Pancake stomach

  31. You haven’t seen 225 since high school you big goomba slob. You prob haven’t even seen your feet since then either. Go shove a hot dog down your gullet.

  32. Kyle Coops we are going to dress you up like princess Leia and skull fuck you!

  33. Hahahahahaha BJ is the fucking man, a public nuisance? For Digging a hole on his OWN property and riding dirtbikes (like every other kid in the fucking world our age) nice little pity page you got going for your romantic partner too bad noone cares or feels bad for chaimes (really cool name by the way…not) you got one supporter tho joe lee!!!! and Everyone cares about his opinion…..sike) how much did you pay to marry your “wife”?

  34. Brendan “Paper Ankles” Johnson is a solid ass dude. This fucking dweeb made a poor decision to continue to park there. He also made a very poor decision on getting that nose ring and not getting a haircut about 10 months ago. Good luck getting your car out of there !

  35. You guys seem very tough and intimidating with the name starwarguys hahaa sticking lightsabers up each other asses…..and joe lee talking shit… pretty sure he couldn’t beat anyone up even if they had their hands tied behind their back…ill stop now before joe starts crying to a counselor like in high school

  36. Look at how mad joe is getting for calling him pancake stomach

  37. You look like Adam sandler at the end of click

  38. Joe lee was def a victim of Danny villa in high school

  39. Brendan Johnson is a great guy! Just a hard working man trying to get his job done but some retard couldn’t follow directions and move his car. That shit box deserves to sit there until June and better yet put the freak show in the trunk till then. Kid should have listened the first time he was asked to move his car! #brendanjohnsonisnobully

    • He clearly is not a “great guy” look at him hes an asshole. How does anyone deserve to be snowed in for that long? how is he supposed to get to work? all this because he wasn’t able to move his car? does Brendan Johnson Own the roads? #BrendanJohnsonisabully #arresthim #TeamChaimes

  40. Stu is probably ecstatic right now because this is the most comments he’s ever had on anything on his website

  41. Kyle your a real bully and need to get a life instead of picking fights all day on social media.

  42. You made the page looking for comments you fucking dumb ass, you’re just disappointed noone took your side besides a kid whos had to pay for his wife and she only married him so she didn’t get deported lol

  43. Hey Tommy 2 times,

    You are real fucking tough huh. Clearly I have a job also how can you even say that I dont? You don’t Know me!

    We will meet you at chaimes car anytime you guys want and trust me you guys better bring the light sabers and storm troopers. WE wont be needing them!

    And when we are done whiping the floor of bostonfrick and brendan johnsons blood you guys will be the ones shoveling chaimes car out!

  44. Hahaha wiping the floor… So now that’s a threat…. Seeing stu is threatening me with the authorities on Twitter. Maybe we should go to the police as well

  45. Tonight 8 at chaimes shoveled in shitbox

  46. Shut up Bostonfrick you racist fatass. You are a loser. You are going to threaten the police after calling everyone stupid jews. See you all tonight at 8 your 5 best vs ours.

    you guys are so fucked. but I doubt you will even show.

  47. What is the address of his car?

    I am bringing that princess leia costume for you kyle.

  48. See you at 8 buddy. Are you gunna be in your darth vader costume or no?

  49. No I wont be needing it for punks like you guys. but maybe I will so no one will see my face after I am done spilling the blood of bullies all over that massive snow pile.


  51. Nice job darth don’t let these bullies push you around

  52. Luke Can you do tonight at 8?

    HAHA trust me I wont. It will take more than a fattass from “whos the boss” that hates jewish people to intimidate me. Look at that fucking loser. I bet hes never gotten laid in his life baha.

    Can We get an address for the car?????

  53. “Truly wonderful, the mind of a child is.” – yoda

  54. Hey guys big time Star Wars fan here! I’ve read all the comments and I gotta tell you kyle coops is the real bully! May the force be with you!

  55. #brendanjohnsonwillpayforhissins

  56. So, generally, you’re not supposed to park in alleys because of emergency vehicles. Fine. But now Chaimes’s car is stuck in the alley because of this ding dong Brendan. Instead of helping, Brendan made matters worse. This guy thinks he’s some kind of parking vigilante but he’s really just a stain on humanity. Stu, let me know how I can get involved so we can take turd down. #dontplowmebro

  57. Welcome chewbacca thanks for the support. Let’s get these assholes! May the force be with all of us!

    Boston Frick/Kyle coops is in for a rude awakening

  58. Boston Frick is an uneducated Neanderthal who’s tossing out wild accusations about Jews when according to his Twitter page…..he himself looks part Muslim part Italian with a hint of Canadian

  59. Hey Kyle coops I’m gonna beat your ass tonight at 8 then take your gifriend out for a nice steak dinner.

  60. okay, i admit it! i have a big crush on chaimes!!!!

  61. yourababygrabashovel March 9, 2015 at 5:36 pm

    Instead whining and begging for momey to hire some respectable hardworker these plowguys are, why not grab a shovel and put in 3-4 hours of some manuel labor? A workout is nothing to cry over. How the hell are you stuck? Your choosing to be stuck, your a baby, grab a shovel.

    • Hey Asshat, it’s ‘you’re’ a baby, that’s ‘you are’ which is what you intended to type. Your middle school eduction is failing you, boston sucks goo yankees, I love a rod I need his dong in my mouth yum ymu, yummy yum yum arod dong, btw my name is Anthony Lemieux and I live at 6 Dogwood Dr
      Walpole, MA 02081, please come find me if you want to get into a fist fight about grammar AND/OR a-rod’s yummy dong

    • This is by far my favorite "educated" response March 10, 2015 at 5:21 am

      he must work manuel labor

      these guys aren’t even from Boston, they’re from Walpole…

  62. Brendan is a nerd! #stopthisbully2k15

  63. Haha you could afford to take my girl out

  64. Haha I meant couldn’t but what can ya do

  65. You’re confusing everyone with the same name as me

  66. What a bunch of morons!

    Boston Frick Are we going to settle this like men tonight? unless you are going to be too much of a coward to show up.

  67. Idk if I feel like wasting my time with a worthless jew, you won’t be able to afford the hospital bills

  68. Do you even know where the spot is ? If so you’re clearly a Walpole person…

  69. What a coward you are. I have been asking for an address all day.What are you scared?

    We are going to find you either way!


  71. Haha come find me pal and see what happens you Star Wars nerd

  72. Make sure you bring your lightsabor

  73. 150 endicott road norwood ma

  74. Okay darth lets meet him at 8 then tonight. He won’t show he’s all talk.

  75. No probably not I have better things to do like actually live my life then beat up Star Wars nerds

  76. Like I said all bark no bite

  77. You better show Boston Frick – We will be there. Chaimes will be there too and after we beat your ass your gonna shouvel that fucking car out. You and brendan Johnson. We will settle this TONIGHT!

    • You guys are a bunch of nerdy fuck boys. You talk shit on the computer like you are big tough guys. You guys are fucking pathetic Star Wars loving nerds. You sit around constantly jerking off your tiny little unused penis all day because you can’t get laid. You have no friends and your lives are pretty embarrassing. Go get a job so you can get out of your mothers basement. Hey nose ringed hippy boy have you ever heard of a shovel? Like you know you could spend an afternoon shoveling yourself out. No one feels bad for you. We know you’re clearly unintelligent due to your decision to continue to park in a spot where you were asked not to park. Also if the dude with the dumb Star Wars voice actually wanted to help you out then he could grab a shovel as well. I have a couple to lend you lazy pricks if needed because clearly you guys don’t do much of it. Grow up and stop acting tough behind your computer screen.

  78. His house is right next to my gym in Norwood. Totally going to go check this out, Endicott St here i come!

  79. I will see you there Boston frick. 8pm Sharp. Make sure you bring brendan johnson as well. This will make the phantom menace look like a cup of tea. We will spill you and your group of flunkies blood all over the snow mound that started this confrontation. We will be bringing our sabers however not for battle but for you and your group of scared coward bullies to shovel chaimes car out.

    Bullies will perish and dare I say will it be as dynamic of a battle as any star wars film.

    “This will be a day long remembered. It has seen the end of Kenobi, and will soon see the end of the rebellion.”

  80. Tommy 2 times – You better show your face also. Unless you are also a coward.

  81. this guys a clown, theres parking bans to prevent this from happening. welcome to new england brah, theres thousands of cars plowed in, if yours was the only one in the alley maybe YOU were the one who was wrong. jackass


  82. Hahah you guys are such nerds

  83. We shall see who the nerds are tonight

  84. ya thats another thing, this shithead thinks its a big deal he has to shovel now, even if it does take a couple hours to clear a path that is nothing compared to the shifts johnson or any other plowmen/operator pulled while this chump was all cozy in his “workshop” fuck outta here

  85. He asked
    Him multiple times to move his car….

  86. What a lazy prick I can’t believe his car is still there

  87. I’ll be going my SWG brothers. We are going to mop the floor with these wookie scums. My wife will obviously not be attending I don’t want to offend “boston Frick” an his girlfriend. I will be placing my balls on fricks eyes like Anakehn sky walkers goggles from the dune race. Suck my bird fat boy. #brendanjohnsonisthebully #r2d2WillFSU

  88. Thats what I like to hear joe. Glad to have you on board! I am going to slap brendan johnsons face with my skin saber like im battling Obi-Wan Kenobi in episode IV.

  89. OH EM GEE…How dare you say that Joe paid me…He’s a cheap fuck and still hasn’t given me all my cheddah. Thats why i only give him hand jobs with gloves on. The day he pays me at least half ill let him MAYBE get my bleached bum bum. As for you anthony and brendan, the next time i see you I’m going too claw the dingleberries from your hairy rear ends. I swear with god as my witness you will stare into the eye of my beefy vagina and smell my carnivorous queef gap. Mrs. Lee…out *drops mic*

  90. Joe is this seriously your wife?

  91. STU – Are you coming tonight?

  92. You know what stu. Fuck you. That’s not even that much snow you instigator. Your a real piece of work.

  93. Stu,

    You better be there tonight we need our leader!

  94. Easy luke….its his site and he started this revolution. WE need him.

  95. way stu would miss it he wouldn’t leave us

  96. You guys are a bunch of nerdy fuck boys. You talk shit on the computer like you are big tough guys. You guys are fucking pathetic Star Wars loving nerds. You sit around constantly jerking off your tiny little unused penis all day because you can’t get laid. You have no friends and your lives are pretty embarrassing. Go get a job so you can get out of your mothers basement. Hey nose ringed hippy boy have you ever heard of a shovel? Like you know you could spend an afternoon shoveling yourself out. No one feels bad for you. We know you’re clearly unintelligent due to your decision to continue to park in a spot where you were asked not to park. Also if the dude with the dumb Star Wars voice actually wanted to help you out then he could grab a shovel as well. I have a couple to lend you lazy pricks if needed because clearly you guys don’t do much of it. Grow up and stop acting tough behind your computer screen.

    • Fuck you pussy. 8pm tonight me and stu are going to beat your ass while joe puts his balls over your eyes.

  97. Brendan Johnson does hard drugs

  98. guys!!!! Please help. I finally managed to get out of brendans sex dungeon (his trunk) he fucks my ass no lube. And he makes me make r2d2 noises because he too is a majorrrrr STAR WARS FAN. The secrets out brendan

  99. yourababygrabashovel March 9, 2015 at 9:27 pm

    this guy stu offered help, and his form of help is trying to make his website more known? jesus christ, you star wars people too, your the ones making the real threats. spilling ‘bully’ blood into the snow? you got provoked and are going the extra mile. everyone knows that 0 people will be where this car is tonight, and i dont think you really know what you are asking for. so i think what you should do is count your losses. once again, your a baby, grab a shovel.

    • No one asked you. why dont you bring that stupid shovel to the fight tonight so I can shove it up your ass. Pick a team and stick to it no one wants to listen to you try to be above all of this we are past that. There will be blood spilled shovel boy and I hope to god it is yours.

  100. Yeah stu you’re a piece of shit

  101. Steve what are your plowing rates. I do like being plowed from the rear when I’m not looking. Only when I’m not looking though.

  102. Everyone in here we should bukkake stu and anyone who’s friends with chaimes

  103. Notice how stu stirs up the pot and leaves. Pussy Jew

  104. Stu your blog sucks and you do too.

  105. Stus to much of a softy to show up

  106. I take back everything I said about chaimes…. I’m
    Going to help shovel him up myself

  107. kyle coops Diddling victim March 9, 2015 at 10:19 pm

    Yeah stu fuck you

  108. I’m curious if you will be following up on your Burger King parking lot coverage? I’m enjoying your perspective on the situation thus far. Thanks, I’m a big fan of the site. PS- I’ve used that BK’s restroom- it’s usually immaculate. That’s why it’s so surprising that the parking lot is still such a mess! Haha.

  109. Count Dooku fan 1 March 9, 2015 at 10:33 pm

    I came to this site expecting to find behind the scenes photos of count Dooku on the set of phantom menace but I realized…there’s not a damn thing about Star Wars on this whole god damn peice of shit site. All I found was some shit about Burger King and some rascist peices of trash ranting about Jews and getting plowed. What kind of website is this? More count Dooku please. Less rascisim.

    • dooku we have more important things to worry about than you wanting to talk about the phantom menace. We are about to have a battle that is going to possibly be the biggest in galactic history. We are being lead by our leader STU and we are going to destroy these bullies. IF you would like to join you are welcome to if you just want to bitch and complain about how stu loves burger king than we will spill your blood into the snow as well.

  110. Count Dooku, I come to this site to know what’s happening in my area. Please leave Stu’s coverage of the BK parking lot crisis put of this plowing debacle- hope you’re not confusing the issues!

  111. Trufan whats happening tonight is Stu is leading us into battle. We need more men if you have the courage to join.

    STU answer us your coming tonight right? SWG meeting at either the chateau for appetizers or bk on rt 1 before we head over together. your coming right?

  112. Stu if you do not show up tonight your level of dedication for your site and life will be questioned. Know that

  113. Darth, I appreciate your enthusiasm on this story but I really am more interested in knowing what Mayor Walsh plans to do about that BK parking lot. I’m wondering if there’s not a bigger story about mismanagement of funds and lack of state oversight, Maybe if ol’ man Baker wasn’t twittering all day he could hock up some cash to clean that mess up! Stu, what’s your take?

  114. Stu has gone to the dark side! I’m on team Brendan Johnson. Stu your website is garbage how does it feel to know your life’s work sucks. Time to move out of your mothers basement and find some form of entertainment other than a jar of peanut butter and pet cats


  116. 26 min to judgement day stu

  117. Where are you danza?! I want to spill the blood of you and brendan johnson.

    Stu seriously we have to be there in 20 minutes text me 508-298-8546. We just finished up our mozzerella sticks and chicken nuggets so I guess we will just meet you there? Please don’t let the SWGs down……

  118. FRICK YOU ARE GOING DOWN!!!!! As soon as stu gets there we are going to DESTROY YOU!!!!


  119. Guys, sorry I’ve been so quiet for the conversation. Big things going on here at SWG heatquarters, things in the work and so on. Please keep the conversation going on, I really like how much SOUNDING OFF you guys are doing. While I’m away, keep yourselves occupied with some vintage SWG posts, here’s an example:

    You guys are the best community I could ask for thanks again so much, god bless!!

  120. Oh stuuuu

  121. Stu’s mother did a poor job or teaching him about loyalty

  122. Just pulling in where is everyone ??

  123. Stu where are you im here ready for war



    STU HELP!!!!!

  126. You know what stu… These kids are good kids actually we just hatched it out. You’re the scumbag

  127. Stu Joe lee just fucking jumped out of my car and ran away….There is only two of us now we need your help. They all have shovels and brendan johnson is doing pushups….

  128. Stu we had a nice talk with the “nerds” and they understood us. We were starting to think that you are the bully. You’re taking your time and money into trying to ruin Brendan’s life. Brendan’s a human and has a heart, do you not feel bad for attempting to put his name in a negative spot light that he doesn’t deserve


  129. Stu you bailed on us. I came to realize you are no leader. YOURE THE COWARD NOT BOSTON FRICK. Boston Frick is actually a good guy and spared us while we were vulnerable without our leader. You left us out to dry and didnt have our back when we needed us. Fuck you stu you fucking piece of shit.

    And chaimes can fucking suck a dick we were there to defend him and he was no where to be found. Boston Frick me the SWGs are shoveling more snow on that piece of shits car.

  130. Look at all this commotion you started stu… Snake in the grass

  131. You suck stu, brendan is such a good kid. Brendan loves star wars too I just let him borrow my vader mask while we keep shoveling more snow on to this shitty car




    • Stu has showed us in the past that he is a man of character. I don’t think he ever claimed to be able to make time in his schedule for this, it sounds like he’s conducting interviews or maybe on a radio show or just researching for another story. We need our journalists in this world and Stu is showing that he is one.

      • Hey Chris, glad you came to my side pal. As a matter of fact, I am working on multiple podcasts, both as host and guest. I’ll have much more for everyone soon. Thanks for believing guys.

        • FUCK YOU STU YOU FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT. YOU LEFT US in a time of need.

          And chris T who are you to vouch for that scumbag DO YOU KNOW WHAT HE DID TO US!

          • Man, I’m just trying to stay neutral and give Stu the benefit of the doubt. A lot transpired quick, you know? Stu was working hard to bring us this, why abandon him? He preaches love that is SWG, love for all?

  133. This is disgusting.

  134. You’re a suckah stu

    • I just wanted to state that I, Anthony Lemieux, a Professional Plasterer and Painter of Walpole “Taxachusetts” submit that Brendan Johnson has done nothing wrong and committed no crime. While it’s true that I am a passionate bigot and a racist, it is not true that I am a homophobe. I have been unfairly characterized by blogger Stu Lesbeau as a “homophobe” when in fact I love yummy dongs, especially the yummy dong belonging to Alex Rodriguez AKA A-Rod. i frequently update my facebook status with “I sure could sure a-yummy-rod in my mouth right now, yummy yumm a-rod.” I’ve hosted many dongs in my body, (no blacks, jews, moslims plz) and can not stand being labeled homophobe. Please if you’re going to call me a homophobe, I’m going to use my homophone to bring some serious pain and hertz.

  135. kyle cooper touches lil boys March 10, 2015 at 12:35 am

    sWG all the way

  136. Ive never been so horny in my life…Kyle Cooper is a model citizen who just has a tragic love story. Its the modern day Romeo & Juliet. Just because she’s 11 doesn’t mean she can’t play 7 mins in heaven. #IRhymeAllTheTIme #RebelPride #Coach #FreeCoops #LoveCantStopHim

  137. kyle cooper touches lil boys March 10, 2015 at 12:41 am

    Cody and Kyle were both victimized by Danny villa

  138. You know I really can’t understand why someone would want to block someone’s car in like that. I get you want a good laugh, but Brendan Johnson definitely made his point and it’s just not funny to me. To show some respect he should have found the owner of the car and put a note under his windshield or on the building he was in. I hope Brendan believes in karma because this is definitely coming back to bite him in the ass. Great reporting and article Stu.

  139. Me and stu divorced due to his lack of ability to stop watching internet porn. I said yes to and subscriptions but he got greedy. Stu continued to subscribe to 8 other internet porn sites and was costing on us both physically and financially. Physical stu would crush his penis so hard and often that he was chafing to the point where there was blood. Financially Stu was spending about $367.66 in Internet pornography a month. You know his job as a fat, unpopular blogger wasn’t really carrying his weight (excuse my pun) and he was spending my hard earned money to fulfill his pleasures and addictions. I’m happy to see he is starting to change his habits and I guess becoming a bully is better than a pornography addiction

    Janet “dirty gurl”

    • WOW….I CANT BELIEVE I LOOKED UP TO THIS MAN!!! he’s a coward and a chronic masterbator. and you think you know people…..jesus

  140. Stu I hope you choke on the next dick you suck down and die

  141. Stu’s ex-wife, I’d like to know if you have any evidence? Did you install keystrokes or other spyware? Was Stu open about his addiction? Did he ask for help? Did you try to intervene with the help of a professional? Stu, what’s your take on the situation? Thanks!

    • TRUFAN I am also interested to hear both sides of the story. but stu’s ex wife seems pretty honest and she had his monthly porn subscription prices down to the penny. I am looking forward to hearing what my ex friend stu has to say about this as well as leaving us to get our asses kicked.

      your move stewie

  142. Darth, what was the snow to car to alley ratio? After all the sun and rising temperatures, I’d make the assumption that neither of these videos are an accurate portrayal of the scene currently. Did you happen to snap any shots while you were there? Thanks!

    • It wasn’t as bad as j thought which kind of made me mad. He easily could have gotten his car out with 10 minutes of shoveling but I guess was just too lazy. But there’s no way he’s getting his car out after how much snow we took from other areas of the alley and shoveled it onto his car. He will prob be able to get it out sometime in May.

  143. Yes there are plenty of financial statements providing me with first hand evidence. You see he wasn’t trying to hide it because I gave him permission. It started slow and normal with just a casul beating of his meat session here and there but then something changed. He was spending countless hours up in his room with the shades down and lights off, I was nervous. I thought he was depressed but I was wrong. He was addicted. At first I blamed myself, but that soon changed. Privacy stopped becoming am issue and he was stroking his penis to Internet porn in all rooms of the house at any time of the day. This even happened when we had company over… I don’t even wanna get into the time my sister and her two year old daughter walked in on him in the kitchen at 10 am

    • Wow that is disturbing. This must have had a huge effect on your sex life. That must have been really hard.

      Guys, maybe stu needs our help. It’s hard for me to say that since he’s such a backstabbing piece of shit.

  144. kyle cooper touches lil boys March 10, 2015 at 1:52 am

    Nobody likes stu

  145. We never made love. He was short in more than one way

  146. Seems like Stu’s ex-wife has a vendetta against Stu. Not sure if I can take your version of Stu seriously with all the vitriol and pettiness. I’d still like to get some evidence that links Stu to openly masturbating in front of children that isn’t hearsay from a person with definite negative bias. Stu, I know this isn’t the best forum to discuss personal matters but I wish you’d refute your ex-wife’s claims so I can still trust the integrity of your journalism. As I’ve said before, your BK coverage is gold. Hope you can clear this up for me!

  147. Guys the site was DDOS’d by my ex-wife I really do apologize. Signing off for the night.

  148. Wow, he asked you ti move the car. he had a job to do, you people got it confused. the person who didnt move their car is a loser asshole and deserved it.

  149. these kids r assclowns. clearly shouldnt have parked there, welcome to boston you fuckn schmucks

  150. this entire website is now dedocated to me practicing my free style skills

  151. franks up on the mic

  152. yea boi u got it right

  153. stu’s butthole man, it aint so tight

  154. its all loose from the shit he shoves in it

  155. shoulda thought twice bout that rotisserie chicken

  156. I am a very close friend of chaimes but im here to lay down the law! I delivered Brandans message directly to chaimes and warmed chaimes many times to moove his car but no chaimes didnt moove his car. Brandon seemed like a warm tendar caring smart person but he was driven to the brinks by chaimes and his lazyness. Chaimes is a maniac and should by under the arrest of the law or the police for his ignorants of the laws. Thats why i am on #teambrandon

  157. kyle cooper touches lil boys March 10, 2015 at 1:56 pm

    Chaimes is a pussy ass bitch

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  160. Hey Stu, came across this post and was wondering if you were able to follow up? What was the outcome of this?

  161. Fuck you stu , fucking loser

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