UPDATE: Burgerking rant continued

Hi guys, good to be back from my chakra cleanse, it was awakening and I feel fresh.  I felt really calm and relaxed, cleansed and calm, feeling anew and alive.  That is, until I drove by Burgerking to see how it was doing.  Check out my video below:

When is someone going to wake up and see this problem.  When is Marty Walsh (mayor boston) going to come to his senses?  I smell a lawsuit, I don’t know about you.  Are you steaming?  Sound off below!!

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  1. What do you expect the Mayor to do? He doesn’t care about you or if you are safe at the local Burger King. Get a life.

  2. Kevin, thanks for visiting my site and we really appreciate your support!! the internet is a good place to have a varied amount of different opinions and we here at SWG headquarters are really open to what you have to contribute.

    Guys, please keep sounding off below!!!

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  4. UPDATE: Burgerking rant continued |
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