Introducing Myself, Sharon Millweather and RBA Artist Representation

Dear Readers,

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Sharon Millweather and I’m a new admin here at

A lot of you may know me from my negative reviews on Yelp Buzz Feed feature from 2013, but what you don’t know about me is that behind the scenes, I run a full line Broadcasting & Media Production company called Right Back Atcha.

I’m really into a lot of different genres of media such as hip-hop, feature films, and podcasting. Recently, Right Back Atcha has expanded to include Artist Representation. What does that mean? That means Right Back Atcha is now accepting clients for different types of media. If you want to expand your brand, you can contact any one of the admins and they will happily directly you to the R.B.A. information port.

Q: How do I know if RBA Aritst Representation is right for me?
A: Have you ever felt sexy about your art but not known how to get it out to the eyes of the people? That’s when you call in RBA Artist Representations to complete your look of not just feeling sexy but BEING sexy

Q: What are your rates for RBA Artist Representation?
A: contact Stu Lesbeau at to get a quote today!

Thanks, and I’ll look forward to showcasing my clients to you readers as they roll in.

Sharon Millweather
Right Back Atcha
Broadcastion & Media Productions Company
Boston, MA

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  1. Hey Sharon congrats at your new position here at star wars guys. I hope you’ll be able to bring us the content we deserve more specifically Star Wars content focused on the number 1 character count dooku. Looking forward to count dooku posts but you can do all kinds of posts even if it’s not just about count dooku. But it would be great if you could do more about him it seems like Stu has been ignoring my past posts but I know that this site is for me because it’s called Star Wars guys and I myself am a Star Wars guy. Too bad we couldn’t called it count dooku guys though haha

    • Sharon Millweather Sharon Millweather March 21, 2018 at 3:40 pm

      Thank you for your comment on Unfortunately, Right Back Atcha will be focused entirely on media.

      • Hey Susan I’m not understanding your comment because Star Wars is media I think you’re confused also anything involving count dooku would be media as well so I think you should understand what the people want. I hope this is just a misunderstanding lol kind of like people misunderstanding count dooku is a good character and not such a bad guy

  2. Real excited for what this can bring to the site! Maybe we can create a NEW genre of Star Wars-core hehehe

    • Glad to see some fellow star heads on here looks like we’re getting back on track real excited for the future of this site and Star Wars future. I’m just wanna welcome more star heads on board the millenum falcun lol

  3. please keep the conversation on track

  4. Thanks for stepping in Stu, glad to see we’re getting back on track that’s what dooku would do

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